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online Canvanizer


Put your ideas and strategies on canvas with Canvanizer, the most utilized online canvas creator. This platform has a wide variety of canvasses to choose from. By using these canvasses, it’s possible to create new ideas, brainstorm and define a strategy. It is often utilized to build business models. Also, users can collaborate with co-workers and team members through the platform itself.. This site is a must-use tool for all entrepreneurs.


online TUZZit tools

TUZZit tools

TUZZit is on online collaborate whiteboard that allows for vast creative freedom. The platform offers a free version of the tools and also pro solutions packages. In the free version, users can find a wide variety of canvasses to choose from, or they can upload their own canvas. In the editor of TUZZit tools layering is used to add post-its, checklists, images, videos, links, locations or stickers to the chosen canvas. There is a function to export the canvas in high quality, but it is not possible to save it and share it with others. The pro solutions are customized platforms that are only offered to business partners, incubators, coaches, mentors, or to education institutions. For pro solution users, there is an option to create their own url and apply their own branding identity to their platform. The pro solution tool has some additional functionalities like a corporate dashboard, advanced board options, and enhanced interactivity.



online groupmap


GroupMap is an online collaboration tool that improves the output of brainstorming and group decision making. They also allow users to create their own canvas. GroupMap allows multiple people to work together on one map. Users can add notes to the canvasses and chat with other team members. The most interesting feature of the platform is their voting feature. Team members can vote and rank other team members’ ideas. They have four different packages to choose from.


online 100 open toolkit

100% open toolkit

100% Open Toolkit is an online resource hub that advocates for open innovation by offering tools online for free. To utilize this site, the user should first identify his/her needs (i.e. I need to build a business plan). Then the user can browse through different tools according to their needs and desires. For each tool there is a short explanation, some pictures, a description of how to use it, and a worked example. The actual tool is presented in a downloadable format.

online DIY toolkit

DIY toolkit

DIY Toolkit is online resource hub that offers numerous tools for your innovations needs. The Development Impact & You toolkit offers practical tools to trigger and support social innovation. The platform itself is quite inventive as it attempts to identify what the user wants through their selection tree. The tools are presented in a downloadable format and the site does a great job at explaining how to use each tool and its purpose.


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